Learning the Lingo: Omni-Channel Marketing

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Thu, Jun 08, 2017 @ 01:09 PM

Learning the Lingo: Omni-Channel Marketing

Consumers are exposed to advertising when watching TV, listening to the radio, riding on public transportation, visiting websites, or playing games on a smartphone. It’s hard to think of a place where a marketing campaign can’t reach a customer. It may seem like all of these mediums would overload consumers, but actually, when working together they can become a strong tool to enhance your business.

Omni-channel marketing is the term used to refer to a marketing strategy where messages work together through different media to build brand recognition. The key is to make your ad campaign seamless across all platforms, so that your business’s mission is fresh in the heads of consumers.

When you are designing and writing your ads, do your best to try and keep the tone and look the same. While there may be some elements you must change because of the format, try to keep the colors, slogan and theme similar through each medium. One survey shows that 90 percent of people use multiple screens throughout the day. In that same study, Google found that 65% of consumers start their buyer’s journey on a smartphone and 61% continue on to a PC. So keeping your message consistent is the key to success.

Think of a compelling book, and how every chapter pulls you in deeper until you reach the last page. Your marketing messages are what drives consumers to your business. Build a campaign that will be easy for customers to follow regardless of how or where they see it. Create a story through a series of complementary content that will bring consumers to your door.

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