Learning the Lingo: Retargeting

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Dec 07, 2015 @ 11:44 AM

Learning the Lingo: Retargeting | Wicked Local Media Solutions

For a second, let’s pretend that you are in the market for a new computer. During your research to find the best computer for your needs you search different websites and different models. You find the model that you want to purchase and find the item on They have a fair price, but you want to search around to see a better deal. Throughout the rest of the day, you visit other websites and social media, and you notice an ad from keeps coming up on every page you visit. Why is this computer following you around the internet? Don’t panic, it’s just a marketing strategy called retargeting, and your business can do it too.

How does it work? Every time a customer visits a web page that is selling a product or service, the shopper’s web browser picks up a cookie. A cookie, is an invisible HTML tag on your products page that connects and tags itself to the user. As they visit other sites, the tag will apply itself to open ad displays on each page.

The theory is that as a customer visits and engages with other websites, they will continue to see the ad from your business about a certain website and be drawn back to your site. It’s a more direct way to increase brand awareness, especially since it’s estimated people spend at 100 minutes a day online.

Some critics say that retargeting is intrusive, but in truth, it’s not more intrusive than your normal advertising campaign. With every ad you place online and in publications you are looking to create name and brand recognition. With more consumers spending more time online, you need to pivot the direction of your marketing campaigns.

And retargeting is an effective marketing tool to use to close sales. 70% of people who are retargeted with display ads covert on that business's website. According to one ComScore study, they found that a targeted ad can increase brand awareness by 1046%.

Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business online. Not only do these ads advertise your business, but they also remind them that you have the product or service available. Your customer will be marketed to on every website they visit and will be reminded of your brand while reading news stories or watching a video. Retargeting gives you one of the best opportunities to gain exposure and create sales conversions. Looking for more help? Wicked Local Media Solutions can help you with all of your questions about retargeting. Contact us today!

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