Learning the Lingo: Site Takeover

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Apr 10, 2017 @ 01:25 PM

Learning the Lingo: Site Takeover | Wicked Local Media Solutions

A successful digital marketing campaign is measured by how many customers click on your ad. Creating the most amount of exposure possible for your ad will increase the traffic to your site and build brand recognition. A website takeover immediately draws consumer attention to your marketing campaign and increases your overall response rates.

A site takeover is when your business message is integrated into the front page of a website. From utilizing your color scheme or logo on the site background, to having a billboard ad push content down from the top. Takeovers can even include a marketing message that floats above the content, forcing users to engage with your ad to read the story.

Site takeovers offer you a great opportunity to expose your business to every customer who visits the website during your campaign. It presents your brand in bold ways that will remain at the forefront of their mind. Even if customers pass on the message - your logo and contact information will still remain on either side of the webpage.

Learning the Lingo: Site Takeover | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Takeovers also mean your business gains access to the standard digital advertising opportunities too. Leaderboards and medium rectangles join the rest of your layout to create an immersive marketing experience for consumers.

A site takeover may seem like a simple designation for a digital advertising strategy, but there are several components to the takeover that make it more than just a billboard. It becomes full interactive engagement tool to invite consumers to engage with your business.

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