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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Jul 06, 2015 @ 01:55 PM

Learning the Lingo: Tagging | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Learning the Lingo is a series of posts that will investigate marketing terms, ideas and strategies. Our topic today: tagging.

User interaction is the key element to every social media platform. That’s what makes social media such a powerful tool, the ability for one person to connect with another with a click of their mouse or by tapping their phone. In many cases, people start conversations with their friends directly just by typing their name into a comment field. This is “tagging.”

It was used first on Facebook, when a user would tag themselves and friends in photos. This would allow their friends to see a photo that they didn’t upload. Then Facebook began expanding the tagging feature so that a user could attach a friend to a status update. After that, they allowed users to tag Facebook fan pages, so that a business would know when it’s been mentioned by fans. It’s become the way to start and curate social conversations.

As it has evolved, tagging is now a part of every social media site. Twitter encourages tagging so that two or more users can have conversations. Instagram, like Facebook, encourages users to tag people and businesses in photos and captions.

While tagging is a great way for friends and family to communicate with each other on social media, businesses have seen how tagging can lead to increased user engagement. Social tagging can help a business spread their brand, communicate with customers, and stimulate social promotions.

Here are three ways you can create social media engagement through tagging.

1) Take Photos and Encourage Customers to Tag themselves

Does your store sponsor live events? Do you have product demonstrations? Do you attend industry fairs or community events? These are all opportunities for you to take photos of your customers. We’ve discussed how sharing photos can be a great way to boost social engagement, and part of that interaction is asking fans to tag themselves in the pictures you post.

If you’re using a cell phone take the photo and post it immediately and ask fans to tag themselves in your picture. By having customers tag themselves in your picture, the picture will show up in their feed. Their friends will see the picture and see the photo lives on your Facebook page. Every time someone likes or comments on that photo, it will build engagement for the photo and your page.

2) Followers Tag Your Business To Win Prizes

Create a contest where followers can enter a raffle to win prizes. The way they gain chances to win prizes is to share information about the contest on social media and that includes tagging your business in the post. This type of contest can be done on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +.

3) Encourage Followers to Tag Your Business to Start a Conversation

Social media content is immediate and because of this many businesses encourage customers to reach out to them on Facebook or Twitter instead of email. This message will be seen by their followers when they write it and it will also alert you that someone has written about your business.

If the comment is negative, this is your opportunity to show this customer (and future customers) that you care about their experience. Try to turn the message positive by asking how you can help them. See if they want to connect via email so that you can fix the problem and make them a satisfied customer.

If a customer mentions your business in a positive way, or tags your business in a photo of a product you sold them, respond to them, so they know you appreciate their business.

Marketing your business on social media isn’t just about creating ads to promote your business, it’s about creating opportunities for people to engage with your business. Let people know that your business wants to be tagged. You want to start conversations and share information. If you want your company to be a hub for consumer information, help build the roads for consumers to find you.

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