Making Your Facebook Ad Stand Out

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Jun 13, 2016 @ 01:32 PM

Making Your Facebook Ad Stand Out | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Having your business active on Facebook is an easy and effective way to engage with people who already trust your brand. With more than one million active users a month, Facebook is also a great place to advertise your business to new clients. Facebook offers different styles and ad building strategies for you to consider; but no matter what campaign you lean toward, there are certain things you can do to make your ad be more accessible.

1) Being Visual

When it was created, Facebook encouraged users to leave messages for each other. As the platform grew and focused on building communities, it became apparent that people wanted to see each other. Since then, images have become a majority of the content posted on the social networking site.

Your ad campaign must include an image, which can be either an illustration or photo. Although there are no definite rules that will guarantee success, here are some best practices.

  • Make sure the image is the proper size so people on desktops and mobile devices can see it clearly.
  • Show the product.
  • Demonstrate a consumer using the product.
  • Show how using the product makes the consumer feel.
  • The image should NOT include a lot of text.
  • Find images and photos where the colors and lighting invoke positive emotion.

2) Clear and Direct Text

Facebook users spend a lot of their time scanning their newsfeed, so the description of your ad can’t be complicated. The image is going to convey the emotion or the action, so the words you choose should grab their attention.

  • Use words that are designed to connect with the audience like, “You.”
  • Keep it short. Your text needs to tell them the deal and where they can go to get the deal.
  • Include your URL.

3) Update Your Campaign

Keep your Facebook advertising campaign up-to-date. Show your audience that you are aware that your product is perfect for that time in their life. For instance, if you sell sporting goods, don’t post a picture of a football at the start of the baseball season. Demonstrate your expertise through the ad’s message.

Advertising on Facebook offers you the opportunity to introduce your business to new consumers. Reach out to diverse demographics and targeting customers in surrounding communities. Create an ad that is dynamic and inviting to this new audience.

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