March Blog Rewind: Helping to Prepare you Business for the Spring

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Mar 30, 2016 @ 01:51 PM

March Blog Rewind: Helping to Prepare you Business for the Spring | Wicked Local Media Solutions

In March, the Wicked Local Media Solutions blog aimed to help local businesses prepare for the next nine months by sharing helpful tips, marketing strategies, and examples of popular types of advertising. Now that winter is (thankfully) behind us, businesses can focus on bringing customers in who may have been cooped up all winter. We want your business to be prepared for shoppers and be active in promoting and marketing your business for the rest of 2016!

If you’ve missed these, or any of our posts, here is March’s blog rewind.

Testimonial Tuesday: Inviting Customers to Leave Comments

Your business is a resource for the community. The products and services that you provide are in high demand with local shoppers. Eventually, however, you will you need to grow your business, and that’s when the voices of your loyal customers can be the best marketing tool you have.

Six Keys to Create Engaging Content

Creating content for your marketing campaigns can be tricky because you’re looking to build a consumer bond that is organic and not forced. An engaging marketing campaign is successful because of the relationship you build with your customers. This positive relationship makes your business seem more like a friend rather than a place to just make a transaction. But, how do you create consumer interest with just words? Here are six keys to create engaging content.

4 Loans Your Small Business Might Need

There are two main funding options available for businesses: take out a business loan or bring in investors. Both options have their pros and cons; however, the majority of business owners tend to prefer business loans because it allows them to maintain full control of the direction of their business and keep flexible terms.

Testimonial Tuesday: Investing in Events

When you are marketing your business, you should use a variety of advertising campaigns to reach your audience. But, no matter how engaging the copy is, it can never capture your personality or your commitment to consumers. The best way to share with customers that your business is an active part of the community is to take part in local events.

5 Tips to Writing a Great Press Release

As a business owner, you know your industry better than anyone else. This is why customers turn to you for the solutions to their problems. You do your best to educate the community about your products through marketing, but sometimes there is news or an update that can’t be shared in an advertisement. A professional and well prepared press release can showcase your knowledge and allow your business to reach new consumers.

5 Common Types of Online Advertising

You’ve advertised your business in print, but now it’s time to take your marketing campaign to the digital stage. But what exactly does that mean? How are different ad units effective in presenting your message to consumers? The vast network of Wicked Local websites offer businesses a number of digital marketing solutions that you can use to help spread your message throughout more than 150 communities in Eastern Massachusetts and beyond.

5 More Types of Online Advertising

One of the benefits of advertising your business online, is that there are many different types of ways to share your message. The variety of marketing styles offers a local business the ability to attract and engage with consumers and can make your advertisement a beacon.

3 Quick Videos You Can Use to Engage Consumers

As smartphone ownership and internet access continues to grow, so does video consumption. In 2014, videos made up 64% of the world’s internet traffic. According to Cisco, it’s predicted that in 2019, video content in the United States will make up 85% of all online content. Consumers are looking for their favorite businesses to produce videos that will keep them entertained and educated.

Five Tips for Writing a Business Blog

Building a blog is a great way to introduce your business to the digital community. It may not have the functionality of a proper website, but you can use it as a placeholder while you design and prepare your site for launch, or add it to your existing website to keep them coming back. Here are five tips for writing a business blog.

Three Popular Ways to Use Direct Mail

Consumers want to shop with businesses they feel the most comfortable with. Your local business needs to be able to connect with them and offer a personal connection. A great way to create this bond is by designing a direct mail campaign that is targeted at local shoppers.

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