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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jun 07, 2017 @ 01:34 PM

Marketing to Millenials | Wicked Local Media Solutions

As time passes, businesses need to adapt their marketing strategy. Right now, baby boomers are the largest consumer group, while millennials have just begun to start spending. Boomers feel comfortable with ads that market to them as consumers, while the younger generation want companies that work to engage them. The two groups, separated by about thirty years, share almost none of the same buyer attitudes, but your business will need to find ways to cater to both of them.

When marketing to younger consumers, remember that they are the first digital generation. They have grown up with internet searches, smartphones, and are capable of finding anything in moments. Investing in search engine marketing and optimization will make finding your business online much easier for these customers. The larger your digital footprint is, the more likely it will be that these buyers will find your brand. Being connected and active on social media demonstrates to them that your business looks to become a virtual partner.

Another shift in advertising practices is that millennials don’t like to be sold products. Instead, they want to learn about a company and experience your content. Create content that interests them and that they’ll want to share with their peers. They want messages that are trustworthy and inspire them to purchase, not to tell them to make a purchase.

The products and services you provide will remain the same, but your customer base is always in a state of flux. Older consumers may leave, but new ones are always going to need you as a resource. Keep your business active on social media. Create videos that demonstrate how a product or service works. Be active in your community. These are all things younger consumers are looking for from a trusted brand. Starting a marketing campaign focused on young shoppers today will help you develop a strategy that will keep them loyal to your business.

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