Marketing Your Business to a Digital News Audience

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Nov 15, 2017 @ 02:12 PM

Marketing Your Business to a Digital News Audience | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Every year the number of consumers who read the news continues to transition from print to online. By understanding who is reading the news online, your business can prepare a strategy to engage those customers.

One of the most significant findings is that an overwhelming majority of millennials turn to their mobile devices to get their news. 96% of this digital generation receives news from their phone or tablet along with other media. However, 36% of that audience gets their news exclusively from mobile platforms.

It’s not breaking news to learn that a younger audience receives digital updates while an older audience prefers print. According to, the age group most likely to consume equal amounts of digital and print news are adults ages 45-55.

That same study tells us a lot about the the types of consumers who read the news on digital devices. For instance, those that consumed a majority of their news online were likely to be employed, have kids, and own homes. By knowing the audience of digital news readers, you can create an ad that will be more likely to engage with them.

By examining the statistics of people who read the news online you can learn a lot about what your digital marketing strategy should be. You can make educated decisions about what products you want to promote and which audiences you want to target with your advertising.

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