May Blog Rewind: Prepping Your Business for Summer

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, May 31, 2016 @ 10:41 AM

May Blog Rewind: Prepping Your Business for Summer | Wicked Local Media Solutions

In May, the Wicked Local Media Solutions Blog looked to help prepare your business for the busiest time of the year. The Readers Choice Awards will be announced in June, and in anticipation we shared resources and strategies that are aimed at helping your business create a marketing campaign that customers will not be able to ignore. We also introduced you to the term Geo-Fencing, wrote about the big changes happening at Twitter, and looked for local inspiration in national advertising.

If you’ve missed these, or any of our posts, here is May’s blog rewind.

Infographic: Five Facts About Blogging


15 Amazing Facts to Celebrate Small Businesses

This week, the U.S. Small Business Administration celebrates National Small Business Week. Their goal is to help raise awareness for the nation’s small business owners and entrepreneurs; whose hard work, ingenuity, and commitment to community, create jobs and support local economies.

Learning the Lingo: Geo-Fencing

The goals of any digital marketing campaign are similar to those of traditional marketing strategies. You want to stay involved with current customers and also reach out to new ones. However, the biggest difference is that when you use digital advertising, you can target customers immediately and directly. Now, using a “geo-fencing” strategy you can engage with consumers as they enter your community.

Video: Four Ways to Celebrate Your Readers Choice Award

The votes are almost tallied and next month we will begin to announce which businesses won the 2016 Readers Choice Awards! When the results come in, you will want to be ready to thank your customers and celebrate your win. Check out this quick video and see four ways your business can share the big news!

Infographic: The 2016 Readers Choice Awards

The Readers Choice Awards are a tradition in Eastern Massachusetts. They have become an event that people eagerly anticipate at the start of every year. Consumers look forward to this time of year to show their support for their favorite local business. And businesses love using the Readers Choice Awards as a way to engage with new and loyal customers.

Building Consumer Trust By Using Local Awards

The one thing that every business has in common is that they are always looking for ways to build consumer engagement. It’s great when customers consider you an industry leader, because they will turn to you for solutions, however, showing them you are also a valued member of the community can help you build their trust. Knowledge shows expertise, but if you are demonstrating that your business is reliable and personable, that will help you build a relationship with local consumers.

Big Marketing Strategies that Small Businesses Can Use

All great marketing campaigns have one thing in common, they want to engage consumers and encourage them to make a purchase. Global corporations spend millions of dollars producing commercials that they hope will create an emotional connection with customers for this reason. As a local business, your budget may be small, but you can learn from these popular campaigns, and build similar strategies that will be effective in your local mark

4 Ways Wicked Local Prepares You for the Readers Choice Awards

Next month the Readers Choice Awards will be announced and the businesses who receive recognition will have the opportunity to promote their win. The award, voted on by local consumers, is a great barometer to measure how respected and popular your business is within the community. When you win, you’ll want to thank the people who voted for your brand and use the award to welcome new customers. Wicked Local Media Solutions can help you celebrate your Readers Choice Award as soon as the results are available.

News and Trends: Twitter Commits to Content

Since 2009, businesses have used Twitter as a way to connect with followers. Twitter’s 140 character limit is unlike other social media sites that allow users to write paragraphs. The brevity of the post makes the content unique, but it also requires it to be concise and clear.

Shining a Spotlight on Your Business with a Readers Choice Award

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to make your brand stand out among the competition. Depending on the number of stores in your area, creating a message that is truly unique may sometimes seem impossible. However, receiving a local award gives you an edge to use in your marketing. Showcasing your Readers Choice Award in your advertising allows your business to take center stage.

4 Tips to Prepare Your Summer Marketing Plan

This summer, Massachusetts will welcome vacationers from across the nation and the globe to spend time at our beaches and campgrounds. For many businesses, these precious months, sandwiched between Memorial Day and Labor Day, provide a large chunk of their annual income. For the season to be profitable, you are looking to connect with as many consumers as possible. By preparing a marketing campaign for your business now, you will be able to execute an engaging message all summer long.

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