New & Trending: Wearable Technology at CES

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Fri, Jan 16, 2015 @ 04:41 PM

New & Trending: Wearable Technology at CESThe Annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES has become the showcase for companies to debut new gadgets and technology for consumers and investors. From drones to driverless cars, the show helps create buzz around products and companies.

While reading about the event, I saw that wearable technology was one of the more popular trends on display this year. All of these products look like they can have a positive influence on health, fitness, pet care and even fashion.

Glasses - In the past, the glasses that were on display at CES were designed to interact with the world. C/Net found a pair that you can use to interact with yourself. The Jins Meme glasses measure your eye movement, the angle your head and how your shoulders are aligned. Why would these be important? Measuring the how your head and shoulders are tilted and aligned would help correct posture and prevent back and neck problems. Measuring a person’s eye movement could help warn drivers if they are getting too drowsy while driving and to alert them to other health concerns.

Socks - Attention all runners, Sensoria Fitness has a new tool that wants to help make you a better athlete. A sock. But not just any sock, their sock has textile pressure sensors built in and sends information to an app that measures your cadence and heel striking pattern. Sensoria says measuring how your heel hits the ground can help runners train harder and train safer.

Dog Collars - FitBark has created the first wearable fitness tech for dogs. Their collar acts not only as a GPS device, but also a fitness monitor for your canine friend. You can break down how much exercise your dog is getting and see if it’s enough for a specific age and breed of that dog. It’s niche, but very cool.

Jewelry - Tyia has designed wearable technology/smart-fashion. Like other wearable technology, these bracelets act as a fitness device to help the user count steps and also has a notification system. The mother of pearl stone on the bracelet changes colors depending on what you are being notified of. Set it to turn teal when it’s a text message or yellow when it’s a phone call. You can even set it to remind you about meetings and other appointments. Tyia is hoping to make wearable technology functional and fabulous.

Pain Relief - There are a lot of gadgets to help track fitness, but only Quell is tracking sleep patterns and managing your pain. That’s right, pain management. Completely FDA approved, Quell attaches to your upper calf and electronic stimulation is released into your nerves to help relieve chronic pain anywhere in your body. Also, Quell can be used to track and help manage sleep patterns. This is could be a game changer for folks who suffer from chronic pain and have problems sleeping.

Mouthguards - FITGuard may have invented one of the most useful device for athletes who partake in impact sports. A mouth guard that tracks your head movement and alerts athletes if they might be suffering from concussion symptoms by measuring head movement and impact. Now, they aren’t going to replace doctors, but if you are a parent who has a kid that plays a rough sport, if this device means catching head trauma before it’s too late, it’s a product that will be in high demand.

So why share all of this? Well, these are trending products that consumers are going to want to buy. Finding customers who will want any of these products will make you the go-to business in your community. Imagine if you beat out another pharmacy by selling the Quell first. The first athletics store that can help runners become more efficient or sell a parent a mouthguard that will help protect their child, will build excellent word-of-mouth reputation.

Being aware of these trends and being able to plan to advertise items as they become available, will put your company in a position to prosper. These products are cutting edge. Your business can be too.

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