New Trends: Giving Customers a Unique Photo Experience

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Mar 14, 2017 @ 01:07 PM

New Trends: Giving Customers a Unique Photo Experience | WIcked Local Media Solutions

Social media channels are always looking for new ways to offer engagement with their audience. Recently, Facebook introduced a new photo feature that allows users to scroll and explore wide angle photos with a cursor or by turning their mobile device.

This feature allows fans to experience the view as you saw it when you took the photo. While this offers great ways to show off a vacation vista, it also gives businesses another tool to promote events and their store. You can show customers a display at your store, your team hard at work, or a crowd you have at a live event.

Here’s how you can create an interactive photo of your own:

Taking a 180 Degree Photo

fbpano1.png1) Access the camera on your smartphone or tablet.

2) Turn the camera to “Panorama” mode.

fbpano2.png3) Following the camera’s guidance slowly rotate your camera from left to right as the camera records the image. Try to keep the camera as even as possible so your final image is clear.

4) Upload the photo to Facebook. When it has finished uploading, tag people, events, and groups that are relevant to the photo.

These photos invite audience participation because they see the photo and can engage with it. These images can increase user participation, and if you are showcasing your business or an event, it can also draw interest to your brand.

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