News and Trends: Twitter and Google Partner, Small Business Wins

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Fri, Feb 13, 2015 @ 12:39 PM

News and Trends: Twitter and Google Partner, Small Business Wins | Wicked Local Media SolutionsIn the next few weeks, your Twitter account has the opportunity gain a whole new audience. You could pick up not just one or two new followers, but the possibility of having a tweet seen by over a billion people.

Why? Earlier in February, Google and Twitter entered into a partnership that will benefit both companies. Twitter will allow Google access to its real-time Twitter feed and Google will feature tweets as search results.

With access to the live stream of tweets, Google will be able see trending topics, conversations and stories build as they happen. They will also make all public tweets searchable. That means that when you type in a keyword search, you might get actual tweets as part of your results.

What does Twitter get from the deal? Exposure and web generated traffic. This relationship with Google will be it’s third partnership with leading search engines. Twitter now has Bing, Yahoo and Google searching, indexing, finding, and displaying live tweets. For the first time, Twitter has a chance to gain more exposure than Facebook.

Twitter no longer has to try and entice people to visit their site to read tweets, now tweets will be part of the collective conversation through Google searches. More than 1 billion people use Google every month, and now Twitter can be a part of the answer to every search.

There is a third winner in this partnership, and that’s you. As a small business owner or manager, you’re in a unique position. Your tweets are the valued commodity in this deal. If all tweets are going to be a part of search results, your words are going to have real weight and meaning, and not just for those that follow you. Your posts could now be the answer to anyone’s question.

Plus, think about how Google is integrated. Everything is connected. With time, your tweet may also bring up your business’s name, location and contact information. Your message and branding will have the ability to connect with customers who might not be on Twitter, or who are not aware of your business until they search for a keyword.

If you don’t use your Twitter account regularly, use this news as a reason to jump start your interest. Start slow and tweet updates about store hours, products for sale and industry trends. Your tweets will make your customers and community feel connected to you, and will have more content for Google to share with its users.

Don’t let these publicly traded corporations have all the success. Show them and the world that your business is just as savvy and will be just as successful.

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