News and Trends: Twitter Commits to Content

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, May 23, 2016 @ 12:36 PM

News and Trends: Twitter Commits to Content | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Since 2009, businesses have used Twitter as a way to connect with followers. Twitter’s 140 character limit is unlike other social media sites that allow users to write paragraphs. The brevity of the post makes the content unique, but it also requires it to be concise and clear.

When you post an image or a URL in a tweet, those count against the 140 characters, because every picture and link require up to 23 characters of space per post. If you wanted to include a promotional photo and your website URL, your written message to customers could be no longer than 94 characters. Your content would be punished because you wanted to create a post that was engaging to your audience.

Luckily, news has recently leaked that Twitter is planning to end the practice of counting photos and URLs against the 140 character limit. This solution was presented as Twitter was investigating ways to give users more freedom in creating messages, without increasing the character limit.

When this change is implemented, you won’t have to sacrifice your written content or creativity. For the first time, you’ll have the opportunity use all 140 characters to build a post that fully engages with consumers. Each tweet you send can be consistently branded with your logo and can drive your audience to your website.

Social media companies are always looking for new ways to attract users. As they upgrade their platforms, they provide small business owners with new tools to use when expanding your brand. Be aware of features like expanded character limits and streaming video opportunities, so you can keep your marketing strategies current and engaging.

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