News: The End of Vine and What Your Business Can Learn

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Nov 08, 2016 @ 12:59 PM

News: The End of Vine and What Your Business Can Learn

Last week, Twitter announced that it would be shuttering its six-second video platform, Vine. While the community for Vine was small, its audience was dedicated and had launched a few of its stars into the pop-culture spotlight. When it launched, it was innovative and spurred other apps to follow suit, but it collapsed because it wasn’t able to stay competitive. Even if your business didn’t have a presence on Vine, its closure can be a lesson for you as social media evolves.

Four years ago, Vine seemed to be the most important app on the market. It forced Instagram and Facebook to change their video model. It introduced the social media audience to micro-storytelling, forcing videographers to find fast and unique ways to tell their stories. As the popularity of the app grew, large companies began to try and find ways to utilize it in their marketing. Focusing on creativity and brand recognition instead of product pitch. So what went wrong?

The reason why Twitter chose to close down Vine is two fold. The first is Twitter itself is in a bit of turmoil, trying to figure out a way to become profitable, so they were looking for ways to drop spending. Vine became a casualty because its user base never grew and advertisers seemed lost when trying to convert those creative videos into active customers.

It also didn’t help, that Vine focused on reliving the same seven seconds on a loop, as the video market began craving a real time experience. With Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live taking center stage and dominating the digital video landscape, Vine’s six second loop became outdated.

Although Vine may not be around, it can still inspire your business to find and grow an audience on social media. The first lesson to learn is that you shouldn’t just rest on your initial success. That was part of Vine’s problem, after its initial boom, they didn’t work to keep adapting their platform. If your business gains success by doing something unique and outstanding, don’t let that be the status quo for your customers. Determine what else your customers want, and find ways to deliver that service.

Vine’s closure is also another reminder for your business to explore streaming video options. You can’t keep your social media strategy stagnant. As new technology develops and becomes popular, your business needs to be willing to utilize that in your marketing efforts.

Even though Vine was shuttered because it didn’t find ways to adapt to the marketplace, your business shouldn’t worry if it had an account with the video app. Be aware of the changing social media landscape and prepare your business to adapt with it. These are tools you can use to strengthen your relationship with current customers and extend your message to new ones.

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