November Blog Rewind: Preparing Your Business for the Holidays

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Nov 25, 2015 @ 10:42 AM

November Blog Rewind: Preparing Your Business for the Holidays | Wicked Local Media Solutions

During November, our blogs looked to help businesses prepare themselves for holiday shoppers. With the knowledge that you will be busy during the last four weeks of the year, November is a great time to take inventory of your store and adjust your marketing strategy as needed. The less planning you have to do on the fly, increases the time you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

If you’ve missed any of our posts, here is November’s blog rewind.

Building a Landing Page

When you create a digital marketing campaign, there’s a lot of focus on building a digital, email, or social media advertisement that will connect with customers. The ad needs to be built in a way to inspire consumers to engage with the content. But, there is another piece of this puzzle that is just as important as the ad itself. Building a great landing page.

Testimonial Tuesday: The Case for Print Media

In previous posts, we’ve focused on how advertising in print media has been perceived as being antiquated in today’s digital age. With news and media widely available through websites and social media, people tend to dismiss how popular print media is. However, underestimating the reach of print advertising can be a costly mistake.

Infographic: Six Facts About Business Expos

Business owners are always looking for an edge to attract new consumers. Although advertising online and in print are great tools to use, nothing beats the exposure a business receives with a face-to-face meeting. Business expos and trade shows are great places for your business to take a proactive approach in meeting potential customers.

Infographic: Success with E-Commerce

Your business’s online presence is more than just a robust digital advertising campaign. Your website needs to be a resource for customers looking for more information and the opportunity to purchase an item as well. Every year, the number online purchases grows as customers seek easier ways to shop without leaving their home or dealing with crowds. If your web page can be be capable of being a virtual marketplace for your company, it will put you ahead of your competition and also expand your customer base from local to global.

Testimonial Tuesday: Social Media Marketing Success

Customer testimonials aren’t necessarily about selling your products and services. Instead, they are intended to help you build trust with new customers. When you give satisfied clients the opportunity to inform the public about their positive involvement with your company, they become a brand ambassador for your business. When these customers become loyal advocates, their reviews and endorsement of your business are going to be seen as more trusting than just an ad promoting your services.

Video: Using Direct Solutions in Your Marketing Strategy

When people talk about advertising, you may think of traditional types of marketing. Print or online ads may be the first thing to come to mind. Perhaps the first thing you think of is a TV or radio commercial. Reaching new customers can take many forms, and one of them is through the mailbox.

Infographic: The Value of Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is a great way for your business to champion a cause and also gain exposure within your community. By partnering or supporting a local charity, you demonstrate that your business wants to support those who need help, and that empathy is recognized by consumers. This infographic, is compiled from studies that show an increasing number of customers are looking for their favorite companies to invest in causes.

Testimonial Tuesday: Putting the Conversation in Context

Testimonials are a kind of word-of-mouth advertising. Yes, you are the one publishing the reviews of your business, but these are the words from actual customers. It’s important to keep in mind when you are editing a video or publishing an interview, to keep their words in the correct context.

Print Media is a Trusted Source for Holiday Shoppers

In ten short days, Thanksgiving will be over, but the first weekend of holiday shopping will just be getting started. On (Black) Friday morning, when stores open their doors, shoppers will be there and looking for the best deals possible. Friday has the potential to be one of your company’s most profitable days of the year. So the question is, how are you advertising for it?

6 Ways to Get Your Business Ready for Holiday Shoppers

The last six weeks of the year are the busiest for most businesses. As a store owner or manager, it’s up to you to make sure your employees are ready, your inventory is stocked, and your customers are happy. Here is a checklist of six things for you to keep in mind as the holiday shopping sprint begins.

Testimonial Tuesday: Receiving Rave Reviews

Recently, Wicked Local, in partnership with WCVB5 and MeTV, hosted the first Best Years Expo at Gillette Stadium. We were able to bring businesses, government agencies, health care professionals, and speakers to an event that was targeted toward men and women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Our goal was to create an event that would introduce our customers to local organizations in order to help them plan for their future adventures.

Plus, all of our Throwback Thursday posts.

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