Planning Your Summer Advertising Campaign in the Spring

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Apr 18, 2017 @ 01:52 PM

Planning Your Summer Advertising Campaign in the Spring | Wicked Local Media Solutions

This summer, between vacationers who visit Massachusetts for recreation, and local residents who spend a little extra time out of the office, your business will be buzzing. The summer is about keeping customers happy and your business on track. Take time in the spring to create a marketing strategy that will free you up to focus on providing the best service possible during this time.

First, build your summer hours so that you can create an ad campaign that will target new customers during that time. From writing language that implicitly welcomes guests, to a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy that will target consumers who are researching visiting your area online; you can create interest in your brand weeks ahead of time.

Next, find out what special events are taking place in your town during the summer. Most communities host festivals and fairs to encourage tourism. You know customers are going to want to be a part of an antique show, a seafood celebration, or a carnival; so advertise your brand with these organizations. Buy an ad in the program for an event. Sponsor a booth or ride. Find ways to be involved, so visitors will be aware of your business during their stay.

If you are a Readers Choice Award winner (the awards will be announced in June) your summer campaign is a great opportunity to include that in all of your marketing messages. Print, digital and social media advertising can help introduce your exceptional record of service to new customers while you celebrate your win with the patrons that voted for you.

You have plenty of time to select the type of customer demographics you want to target to give you the largest chance of success possible. Use the spring to build a strategy that will let you focus on summertime success. By organizing your marketing campaign now, you have the opportunity to prepare your business for the summer season.

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