Preparing Your Business For a Blockbuster Promotion

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Mar 28, 2018 @ 02:05 PM

Preparing Your Business For a Blockbuster Promotion | Wicked Local Media Solutions

The summer can be a tough time for local businesses, as consumers are spending more time outdoors and traveling. Almost every business suffers through these doldrums, but, the movie industry has developed a great strategy to engage with consumers. The films that are released during the summer are meant to deliver audiences to theaters; and while you may not have produced a summer blockbuster, you can take lessons to how they are marketed. Similar to how films drive these consumers to the theater, your business can utilize a summer blockbuster marketing strategy to drive consumers to your store.

Here are some basic steps to help build your summer blockbuster promotion:

1) Start Advertising Early
Summer action movies start advertising early so that consumers are aware of them. Decide on what your big summer promotion is going to be and start the marketing campaign early. Leave clues for what the promotion might be in the weeks leading up to its reveal.

2) Give the Promotion a Name
Select a name for your summer promotion. Don’t just tell people what the promotion is, select a name that describes it. Be creative and think of a title that consumers can’t ignore.

3) Have a Superstar
Pick a sale that will stand apart from anything you’ve done in the past. Maybe it’s a significant percentage off if they spend a specific dollar amount or an item that will receive a discount if you package it with other things. Find a way to showcase one of your top performing products or services.

4) Create Partnerships
It wouldn’t be a summer blockbuster if there weren’t a partnership between a film and merchandise. Work with other businesses and find a way to work together, creating more business for both stores.

The summer season can be a successful one for your business by planning a marketing campaign and promotion that attracts and engages with customers.

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