Preparing your Business for a Specific Demographic at Events

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Oct 11, 2016 @ 02:57 PM

Preparing your Business for a Specific Demographic at Events | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Attending events and business expos are an excellent tool to meet with customers and partake in face-to-face marketing. But not every event is the same. They have different audiences and attract a variety of demographics. Although your business may offer products and services for men and women of any age, you can’t attend every event with the same sales plan. Your featured items and sales pitches must relate to the specific audience.

When you are contacted, or ask, to be a part of a business fair, find out as much as you can about the event. Not just the name and slogan, but also how many years has it been running. Find out who other vendors are and ask if you can read news stories or promotional releases for earlier years. By reading background information it gives you a chance to learn about what worked for other businesses, you can create opportunity for your brand to find success.

Discover who the targeted audience is, and plan to bring materials that will appeal to them. Young parents and baby boomers may have some similar interests, but marketing strategies for the two groups will differ. Their concerns, wants, and needs are different based on their resources and experiences, and you have to prepare your booth to offer what a certain demographic would want to purchase.

Look at your own product research. What items and services are popular with different age groups and to men or women? What advertising has worked to bring in a certain demographic? Find ways to use take that information and transform it to a face-to-face marketing strategy.

If one group likes to watch a video demonstration, bring a TV or computer to display that information. If a certain type of customer likes to collect coupons for products and services, have those available. If you have a library of testimonial messages, bring the ones that relate to the customers you will have in front of you. Create the perfect environment for them to connect with your business and your team.

Business fairs, expos, and events are a fantastic opportunity for your business to meet and create positive engagement with customers who are looking for particular services. Consumers attend with the intent to find companies that can offer them what they need. They are ready and willing to be loyal to your brand, you just need to create an environment that will welcome and encourage them to trust you as a partner.

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