Preparing Your Business For Winter Weather

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Jan 04, 2016 @ 01:46 PM

Preparing Your Business For Winter Weather | Wicked Local Media Solutions

In December, New Englanders got lucky. The bitter weather that we associate with the winter months was mostly enjoyable. There was barely any snow and temperatures were warm and mild. Some days, it felt more like spring than winter. This better than average weather was fantastic for businesses, because it encouraged consumers to visit stores in their community during the holidays. However, now in January, all of that has changed.

Holiday shopping is over, and we are about to experience real wintery weather. However, your business can’t close just because the temperature drops below freezing. The question becomes, how to draw customers to your business, when the weather encourages them to stay indoors?

The best way to show accessibility to your business is by communicating with your customers directly. If their cars are trapped under snow, and they can’t travel far, they will turn to their community businesses for a break from cabin fever.

Post a picture, video, or a message to your social media feeds when you have your store open. Show the shoveled walkway or your employees drinking coffee ready to help the first customer. Build a snowman outside your door with a “We’re Open” sign that you can share on instagram.  Along with showing your creativity, these messages announce your store’s hours of operation and show you are ready for customers.

If you think your area is going to be in the deep freeze for an extended period of time, take this time to prepare some type of promotion around a predicted break in the weather. Create a reason for people to visit your store when they are out and about. Create an email marketing campaign that is focused on sharing product and service information with your customers. Reach out to your local print and digital media sales representatives and continue advertising your promotion so that all consumers are aware of it.

Operating a business in the winter can be tough, but there are opportunities for your business to succeed. Be active on social media to show that just because the weather is cold, your business is warm and inviting. Create a marketing campaign to alert people that your store still has the best products and services available to the community. Building name recognition with a winter advertising campaign will help keep your business fresh in people’s minds and encourage them to visit your store when they can.

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