Print Media Continues to Reach Consumers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Aug 22, 2017 @ 12:35 PM

Print Media Continues to Reach Consumers | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Print based advertising has consistently been a popular and effective form of marketing. Businesses have used space in newspapers and magazines to reach their target audience since the printing press was invented. In today’s marketplace, print media is surrounded by different types of digital opportunities for businesses to use; but, a recent study has found that consumers still prefer print materials.

Nielsen Scarborough, a media research firm, measures the market penetration that daily newspapers have across the nation twice a year. The first report of 2017 was recently released and it shows great results for advertisers looking to invest in print solutions.

The Newspaper Penetration Report shows print readership still remains strong. 48% of people surveyed say that they read print publications exclusively. In contrast, those that read the web exclusively are at 5% and mobile reports in at 7%.

That isn’t the extent of its popularity though. When combined with consumers that read print and web/mobile content, market penetration raises to 79%. More than three-quarters of the audience reported to reading a printed material exclusively or in conjunction with a digital product, giving your print advertisement plenty of opportunity to be seen and engaged with.

While sharing news via social media, email, and text messages have become popular, there is still data to prove that print readership is stronger in many markets. When you advertise in print, your marketing messages will continue to find consumers who value your message.

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