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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jun 24, 2015 @ 01:59 PM

Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Most social media channels are very broad and look to serve the general population. You can post messages that are more fun or relaxed because customers are looking for a business to be relatable. But what if your business sells to other businesses? Your messages can still be personal but they need to be presented in a cleaner more professional format.

LinkedIn offers a business the opportunity to present their posts so they look clean and polished. That’s not to say messages can’t be personal or fun, but more often than not, your posts are going to be more direct and look to attract a more professional audience.

We’ve talked about how having a LinkedIn profile is a great tool for presenting yourself and finding professional connections, but have you created a page to represent your business? A company page acts as a portal for the people who are searching for you and your business. It will not only connect them to you, but also direct them to your other social media sites and your website. Providing your LinkedIn company page with content is the key to gaining the attention of consumers and other industry leaders.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn has developed a business page that will allow you to share your company’s mission. There’s a spot at the top of the page for you to post an image so that your page is easily identifiable. This banner image should be a picture of your business, or your logo, or an image that represents what your business does. Try to make it has high quality as possible.

Like a Facebook business page, you post messages to your wall to encourage engagement with readers. Share blog posts you write and stories written about your business. Post articles about your industry that you find interesting and want to share. These posts, like all social media posts, are a great way to show your knowledge and expertise in your field.

Unlike Facebook, you can’t create photo galleries, but you can post a photo and attach text and a link to it. So if you’ve created a photo gallery on your webpage, you could direct followers to that link. This is a great opportunity for you to be creative and show personality. Create an infographic that represents your business or industry. These images are a great way for to show your industry expertise and creativity to potential customers.

Updating your company page is a proactive step in promoting your business, but LinkedIn offers other great opportunities to connect with consumers. You can start a group that can focus on your industry or about being a local business in your region. Invite other contacts to join and be a part of the online community you are trying to build.

You can also join an existing group and participate in conversations that others begin. Don’t always promote your business when you interact in these groups. Engage with the other participants. Ask questions. Offer suggestions. Create relationships with these connections so they will think of you when they need a service or product you offer.

The key to success when using LinkedIn, like on all social media sites, is to be active. Post on your page to keep the information fresh. Your followers will be updated everytime you post a new message or a link, so by posting frequently they will be more likely to check in on your page. Check in on the groups you’ve joined to see what new topics have been posted or if anyone has interacted with what you’ve shared. Your LinkedIn profile and business page can become a resource for customers and peers, you just need to create a reason for them to visit.

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