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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jul 15, 2015 @ 01:34 PM

Responding to Customers on Social Media | Wicked Local Media Solutions

When you promote your business on social media, your goal is to start a conversation between your customers and your brand. You hope that every customer will engage with your posts and will like them, or share them, or write positive responses like, “I love your store!” But, you find when people do interact with your posts, you’re at a loss for words.

How do you respond to the posts that cheer, question, complain about or insult your business?

The Good Comments

We wish that all of our social conversations are an exchange of positive sentiments. A customer would say, “Thanks for always being open on Sunday.” You respond with, “We’re there every day for our customers.” An exchange like that shows that your community appreciates your business and you love offering your expertise to them.

Try to respond to every comment. You want to show your customers that you don’t take their loyalty for granted. It can mean a lot to a consumer if they start a conversation with a brand or person they think highly of. If you can’t write a written message to them, at least like or favorite the post. By engaging with their positive comments you are creating trust between your business and the consumer, and trust leads to loyal customers.

The Bad Comments

Mistakes and miscommunication can happen to everyone and every business. If a customer is expecting a certain product and service and their expectations are not met, it can be a frustrating experience. When people feel like they have been wronged or slighted, they can give their feelings a voice and an audience on social media.

Because social media can reach many people quickly, this can be the worst type of exposure for your business. Your job as a business owner or manager is to connect with this person as soon as you see their complaint. People want to feel like their concerns are being heard, and receiving a timely response to their complaint is a great first step at showing them you want to make the situation right.

When you reply to their comment, make sure they know you don’t want any customers to feel disappointed in your quality of service and products. Let people see that you want to help the customer and that you don’t ignore problems, you aim to fix them.

It can also be useful to connect with the person privately as well. By contacting them via email or a private message system they can share with you details about the purchase that they may not want to share on social media.

Negative comments can make every business owner feel uncomfortable at first, but it is a great opportunity to show consumers that you are concerned about the level of customer service you offer.

The Ugly Comments

Sometimes a comment or mention isn’t nice and it’s not a complaint, it’s just downright mean. These are comments that add nothing to the conversation and can be insulting to your business and your staff.

If you get one of these comments you have a couple of options. You can just ignore it. A lot of times the people who write these terrible things are just looking for attention. Ignoring it will not give them the satisfaction of getting under your skin.

The other option is to delete the comment and wash your hands of the negativity. If it adds nothing to a conversation, eliminate it.

Engaging with customers can be one of the most rewarding things about social media. You see how people are responding to your business and your presence in the community. The key to cultivating the relationship is to always communicate. Be gracious to those who support you and react quickly to solve problems.

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