September Blog Rewind: Finding and Engaging Customers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Thu, Sep 28, 2017 @ 02:20 PM


In September, the Wicked Local Media Solutions blog introduced tools your small business can use to find and engage consumers. OnTarget display advertising offers your business different ways to find the perfect target audience. We also shared how using print and email marketing strategies can generate interest in your business.

If you’ve missed any of our blogs in September, here is the blog rewind.

Consumer Engagement with Special Section Marketing

Every fall in New England, homeowners look at their house and property to prepare their home for the fall and holiday season. Your business may specialize in resources that property owners are in need of for their fall projects, so it’s important to share information about your business with them.

Engage with Students at a Virtual Private School Fair

As the digital world continues to grow, the tools available to create a unique consumer engagement become more plentiful. With standard event marketing you use different types of messages to direct visitors to engage with your business. When you participate in a virtual event you can welcome guests and engage with them in the same way.

Targeting the Right Customers for Your Business

Digital advertising can take many forms and offer your business a number of opportunities to reach and engage consumers, but how can you be sure you are reaching the right consumers? OnTarget display advertising actively delivers ads to your potential customers through several different strategies intended to reach those most interested in your products and services.

Bringing Your Business to the 3rd Best Years Expo

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, Wicked Local will host the third annual Best Years Expo at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The event celebrates men and women in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. The mission of the expo is to introduce consumers in this demographic sweet spot to businesses that provide products, services, and resources to this target audience.

A Introduction to Digital Display Advertising

There are a variety of opportunities available to help your business reach its consumers. Watch this quick video to learn more about digital display advertising and how it can connect you with your audience.

10 Reasons OnTarget Display Advertising Works

OnTarget display advertising is a great way for business owners to find consumers and present their messages to them. It is effective in connecting and engaging with your targeted audience.

Infographic: 7 Reasons Direct Mail Leads to Success

Here are seven reasons how direct mail marketing can lead your business to success.

The Benefits of Using a Direct Email Solution

Email marketing can increase your business's digital sales and bolster your brand awareness. Watch this video to discover the benefits our direct email solution can offer you.

Learning the Lingo: Above the Fold

When customers visit your website, they expect to find your most informative content quickly. Keeping your popular promotions and messages at the top of your homepage will help you guide customers deeper into your site.

Infographic: 5 Statistics that Support Print Marketing

Here are five statistics that show how print marketing can help your business engage with local consumers.

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