Six Keys to Create Engaging Content

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Mar 02, 2016 @ 12:19 PM

Six Keys to Create Engaging Content | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Creating content for your marketing campaigns can be tricky because you’re looking to build a consumer bond that is organic and not forced. An engaging marketing campaign is successful because of the relationship you build with your customers. This positive relationship makes your business seem more like a friend rather than a place to just make a transaction. But, how do you create consumer interest with just words? Here are six keys to create engaging content.

1) Show, Don’t Tell
One of the most popular rules in writing is to show your readers something, not tell them about it. Paint a picture with your description of an item, service or promotion. The more detailed the picture, the easier it will be for consumers to imagine themselves using or purchasing it.

2) Create Positive Emotion
Everything we do is deeply set in how we feel when we make a choice. One doctor from the University of Southern California proved why customers buy items that make them feel happy. Content that evokes a positive reaction will strengthen your rapport with consumers and they will be more likely to do business with you.

3) Build Memories
Nostalgia is huge. The most popular and effective commercials often ask you to remember something that happened in the past. When you ask a customer recall a moment or personal experience, you are also building a connection with them. Use words like “remember” and “think about” to help them picture the past, which you can leverage into a pitch for your product.

4) “You,” “Your,” and “You’re”
Writing in the second person is another tool you can use to try and connect with a reader. Using those words will help them picture how your service or product can aid them.

5) Simplicity
Try to keep your points boiled down to the facts or focused on a single message. People are more likely to read quick and simple statements about your products or promotions. If your content is long-form storytelling, keep it focused and as short as it can be. Include pictures to help your audience make connections when necessary.

6) Build Value
In the end, your content should work together with one common goal, build value for your business. You want to create a bond between the potential customer and your product, service, or promotion. Make it appear to be something your audience can’t ignore. The stronger you make this connection the higher your likelihood of success will be.

Products and services usually don’t sell themselves. It’s up to you to put your inventory into the context needed to make it seem needed and affordable. Ask yourself, “How will your inventory help make someone’s life better?” As you answer that question, find ways to utilize these thoughts and help create a personal and positive connection to your customers.

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