Six Ways to Promote Your Business on Twitter

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Jun 22, 2015 @ 02:03 PM

Six Ways to Promote Your Business on Twitter | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Twitter may not have the massive audience that Facebook has, but it’s still a very active social media network that creates engagement and interest with consumers. The trick to building a captive audience on Twitter is to offer your followers content they can use. Here are six ways to promote your business on Twitter and gain consumer interest.

1) Fill Out Your Twitter Profile
You might not think the Twitter user profile as a promotional opportunity, but without it people won’t know what your business does. On Twitter, you don’t have the same room for content you have on other social media sites. You have to make the most out of every opportunity to create content that can highlight your business.

Your Twitter profile is searchable, so include keywords that you think people may be searching for. You can also include a link, a phone number, an email address and the location of your business. It may not always be possible, but if you can, show a sense of humor and your personality.

2) Offer Special Twitter Only Promotions
A Twitter account can become very popular, especially when you are known for offering limited time promotions and offers in your tweets. Create a reason for consumers to engage with you. Create a coupon or promotion that only the first 25 retweets will receive. You can run a raffle and the way people try to win the prize is to retweet your original message.

Create a promotional code that can only be used once. Someone may miss the first attempt, but they will be watching their Twitter feed waiting for the next time they can get the promo code. You can also try to boost your followers by promising a coupon or promotion if you can get 100 new followers in a few days.

3) Become a Destination
Offering coupons and promotions on Twitter can make your business’s account a destination for consumers. Curate your Twitter feed so that customers are looking for your messages as they are scrolling through their Twitter feed. Become a place where your audience can find information about new products, sales, news, promotions, and posts that will engage and entertain them.

If you have an active fanbase, tweet as often as you can. There are programs you can use like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck that will let you write all of your tweets in the morning and then tweet them out throughout the day at scheduled times.

4) Post Photos and Videos
I’m a big proponent of using photos and videos as much as possible on social media. Everyone loves looking at visual media. It’s why every social media site includes the ability to upload a video and why displaying photography is a big part of their digital strategy. Twitter has even started allowing users to share more than one photo in a post.

Photos and videos allow a consumer to see what is happening in your business. They can watch videos that show the personality of the staff. Maybe they want to see you be an expert in a fifteen second video. You can post pictures of new products, or a sign in the window that announces a new product. Maybe hide a coupon in the community and take a picture of where the coupon is and create an impromptu scavenger hunt.

5) Be Aware of Hashtags
Earlier this month, we talked about the hashtag. A hashtag is a great way for you to create consumer buzz. You can try to create a hashtag campaign to promote a sale, a specific product or a promotion. Make your customers aware of your presence on Twitter so that they’ll see your hashtag and will be encouraged to use it. You can use sites like Tagboard and to follow trends and see how your specific hashtags are doing.

People monitor Twitter for certain hashtags to be kept informed on events. When your business is a part of a local business expo, use the hashtag that expo is using to help promote it. On Small Business Saturday in November, use the national hashtag campaign to help promote your local business.

6) Engage With Your Audience
The key to being successful on social media is to be social. Don’t just expect fans of your business to be silent and just act when you share a promotion. Start conversations with them. If you ask to see pictures of your products being used by your customers, engage with every photo they send you. Ask them what they would like to see your business offer. If they ask you questions on Twitter, answer them. If they compliment you, say thanks. Most importantly, if they have a problem with a product or a service, listen to them and try to find a resolution.

Although Twitter offers little room for product or business description, it excels in real time communications with consumers. There is a real opportunity on Twitter to build a strong and active customer following, but you need to be active and engaged with them. Using these tips, you can create messages that carry weight and can be a trusted source for your customers.

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