Social Media Tools that Make Managing Multiple Accounts Easy

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jul 08, 2015 @ 10:23 AM

Social Media Tools that Make Managing Multiple Accounts Easy | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Having a social media account for your business isn’t just an option any more, it’s a necessity. Whether you manage a small hardware store or a large corporate store, having access to social media allows a business to connect and engage with consumers directly.

However, every social media site has a different fan base. If you want to reach as many potential customers as possible, your business should have a presence on multiple social networks. But, the more sites you add, the more work you make for the person monitoring those accounts.

Having a social media presence is more than just sharing an update or a photo. A social media manager needs to find a way to keep track of the messages that they’ve sent. They need to respond to comments and questions posed by followers and customers. Most importantly, they need to measure the success of social campaigns. When the number of social feeds is increased, all of these other jobs require more attention as well.

A common reason for not having multiple social media accounts is that a business owner doesn’t feel they have enough time to manage them properly. It can be confusing and tiresome to hop from platform to platform to make sense of engagement analytics, solve customer problems, and make sure the correct messages get posted to the correct feeds. The time it takes to do this is a real concern for many content managers, because usually they have other real world duties too. Luckily, there are social media tools that are available for businesses to use to monitor and measure their social engagement.

Posting and Monitoring to Multiple Accounts

Hootsuite is one of the most popular and successful tools for helping people manage their social media accounts. From a Hootsuite dashboard you can upload photos, share links or post an update directly to your various accounts. Hootsuite grants users real time monitoring and access to their Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn accounts.

Hootsuite also offers different plugins for users to download and install to their dashboard. These plugins will let a user share, comment, and like content across their channels, but not create content. For instance, if you install the Instagram plugin, you can interact with photos but not post one through Hootsuite. You would still need to upload a photo and choose a filter using your phone or tablet.

You can set up streams to monitor the messages you’ve posted, the messages that are showing up on your social network’s feed and the comments that have been left for you by fans and followers. Hootsuite is excellent at helping users monitor their feeds in real time, but also offers a scheduling tool to plan future posts. If you want to post the same message everyday at noon, you can bulk upload messages as well.

Another tool that you can use to monitor and update multiple social accounts is Like Hootsuite, Postific allows users to connect to their Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn pages and also allows access to Pinterest and Tumblr accounts.

Their platform does allow users to have live access to social feeds, but it’s built to help businesses plan social campaigns. Postific coaches users to build campaigns and plan out their social posts. By categorizing posts into campaigns it allows businesses to micromanage multiple campaigns on multiple sites at once. During and after a campaign a business owner can see what type of content created the most user engagement, without having to create their own analysis by hopping from platform to platform and curating data.

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