Stay Local, Buy Local

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Feb 17, 2015 @ 09:55 AM

Stay Local, Buy Local | Wicked Local Media SolutionsWe are all facing a huge problem, snow. We’ve had about 90 inches of it so far, and even if winter ended today, it’s going to be a while before the snow disperses. At this point it’s a new four letter word.

As hard as it is for residents and commuters to deal with this massive accumulation of snow, it’s also a strain on local businesses. Business owners are under the enormous task of finding ways to sustain their business during these harsh winters.

Snow complicates travel, parking, and shopping. Main Streets across the commonwealth are struggling as the inches add up. It’s such a problem that Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, asked for residents to treat the week of February 16th as Valentine’s Week in order to help support local economies.

Your community’s local businesses need your support during these next few weeks.

Visit your local hardware store for shovels and ice melt. Put in an order at a local restaurant for lunch. Sit down in your local cafe to try and regain your sanity. Go to a local spa to help heal your aching back.

Local businesses are always reaching out to connect with their neighbors. Many local stores have websites where you can search and find products online. Before you venture out into the cold, make sure they have an item in stock. See if you can purchase an item online and have it held for you at the store.

Check to see if your favorite local business has a social media presence. Read their updates about store hours or popular services. It's a great way to learn more about the business and get to know the personalities of the people that work there. These people are a part of your community and these posts are invitations for you to visit them.

A local business is as strong as the community that supports it. They need you to stay local, buy local.

Help make your community stronger by supporting local businesses on Main Street. Help grow and strengthen your local economy by keeping local dollars with local people.

Snow is the problem, you can be a part of the solution.


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