Testimonial Tuesday: 3 Ways To Share Customer Testimonials

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Oct 20, 2015 @ 11:24 AM

Testimonial Tuesday: 3 Ways To Share Customer Testimonials | Wicked Local Media Solutions

When you write promotional copy for your business, you write in a voice that is friendly, inviting, and insightful. Which is perfect, because as a business, you want consumers to feel welcome in your store and to view your company as a place they can go for answers. However, customers want to hear more than just details about products and services. They want to have a voice assure them that your company IS the best place to go for solutions. A customer testimonial offers potential consumers that assurance.

When you’re thinking of which customers you should ask for a testimonial, also think about how you want to share their message. The testimonial is only going to help your business if you share it in high traffic areas with your target demographic. Here are three possible ways for you to share your customer testimonials with potential consumers.

Sharing a Video Message

A video message is a strong tool to use for customer testimonials. They convey the excitement and passion the subject has for your business. Potential customers can hear, from a person who could be their neighbor, about the positive attributes of your company. A video testimonial is very similar to word-of-mouth advertising. Although the viewer may not know the subject, they may be able to relate to their experience as a customer.

Uploading your video online also includes the added bonus of more exposure to your brand message. Once you upload the video online, it instantly becomes searchable by search engines. If you select popular keywords to represent your business, you increase the likelihood of someone finding it during an internet search.

You can also share the message via social media or embed the video on your website and create more opportunity for customers to see the message. It might even encourage other customers to share their personal experiences about your business as well.

Of course, not everyone likes to be on camera. That’s absolutely fine. In fact, you shouldn’t push someone to do a video message. If they reluctantly agree you may find them to be nervous or not as enthusiastic as you would want them to be.

Sharing a Written Message on your Website

Having a written testimonial can be just as powerful as a video message. Create a prominent page on your website where you can post all of your consumer testimonials. Make them easy to find, and create links throughout your page that encourage visitors to read them. Let visitors see that your business is a trusted part of the community. Having a page devoted to testimonials also allows you to share more than one person’s comments. This shows readers that these positive experiences are common.

Sharing Testimonials Through Advertising

Posting a video or a written testimonial on your website is great. When people find them, they can read or watch the message to see why people love your business. But it’s also a very passive way to promote your business. Consider using the testimonials in your marketing campaigns.

Take quotes from the written pieces and use them as part of your ads. These quotes can reinforce the content of your ad. If your message states that you can find the answer to any question, find a quote that talks about your knowledge of products and services.

You can even use the video message this way too. It may require some editing, but you can create a video advertisement to post on websites, and if you have the budget, on television too.

Having a customer testimonial to share is a great way to show that your customers trust your business and that you are engaged with every consumer. Just having a testimonial isn’t enough, you need to make sure you make their message available. Find ways to weave the messages into as many places as possible. These testimonials show consumer trust and encourage customer engagement.

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