Testimonial Tuesday: Connecting with Consumers Through Print Ads

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Feb 16, 2016 @ 12:06 PM

Testimonial Tuesday: Connecting with Consumers Through Print Ads | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Advertising your business in print is an opportunity to welcome customers to your store with open arms. Like any form of advertising, the most successful ads are the ones that are engaging and create a connection with customers to cultivate business. Your message in a print publication is going to be seen by readers as trustworthy and legitimate.

Print advertising is very important to realtors, because home buyers and sellers turn to print publications to find a professional who they can trust. These customers read the ads to see if they can learn about the realtor’s personality and their success rate. Prospective clients are looking for realtors they can build a relationship with, so a realtor’s ad needs to be conversational and also informative.

Cindy Blum, who is a realtor on Cape Cod, knows that the connection she makes with readers is very important to the success of her business. In a testimonial, she wrote, “So many of my clients, both past and present, often comment on how much they enjoy seeing my advertising.”

Testimonial Tuesday: Connecting with Consumers Through Print Ads | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Cindy has built her business on creating satisfied customers and her print ads allow them to keep in touch with her. By building print ads that generate memories for her clients, her personal brand of being a trustworthy realtor will generate positive conversations and new leads. By advertising in the Cape Codder, her face, name, and business’s success become reminders to anyone looking to purchase and sell real estate that she is someone they can trust and depend on.

Your print advertisements aren’t just an announcement of your business, products or services, they are also a personal introduction to consumers. It’s about creating a voice for your brand that will target new customers and remind old clients of your great service and reliability.

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