Testimonial Tuesday: Keeping Your Message Fresh

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Jan 19, 2016 @ 11:15 AM

Testimonial Tuesday: Keeping Your Message Fresh | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Every business owner looks to create a rapport between their business and their customers. You want to create a reputation as the place consumers can visit when they need a product or service. Although the quality of your service is very important, customer testimonials also help build the trust between your business and the community.

Picture the reputation of your business as if you were physically building a store. Your foundation and structure are built and strengthened with the quality of your work and the products you offer. Sharing a customer review or testimonial is what helps give your business curb appeal. As people start to recommend and applaud your business, it becomes more and more attractive to the community.

Like any advertising campaign, it’s important to always keep your customer testimonials updated and fresh. When you market your business, your goal is to offer new material to consumers but also keep your store and mission familiar. Throughout the year your remind people who you are with your recognized logo and slogan, but the messages and the promotions change to offer a new experience for shoppers. The same theory applies to sharing customer testimonials.

This doesn't mean that you have to give every customer review a date and time stamp when you post it online or in a print ad. In truth, if you received three testimonials in one day, you could just post one every two or three weeks. They don’t have to be brand-new compliments, just need to appear new to the people who are reading them.

Testimonials are also a good way to indicate that you are receiving more recognition in the community. As your business’s reputation grows, show that by updating what people are saying about your service. If you have the information, include the town a customer is from. It shows that shoppers are willing to travel to visit you.

As you schedule your marketing strategy for upcoming campaigns, make note of when you can also update your customer testimonials. If you have multiple ones, share them on a rotation, and as you receive new ones have them replace the older ones. By keeping your testimonials fresh, you demonstrate that your business receives high marks from many customers throughout the year, and encourages them to return to your store.

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