Testimonial Tuesday: Marketing Success With SEM

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Feb 02, 2016 @ 12:59 PM

Testimonial Tuesday: Marketing Success With SEM | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Advertising your business online is a necessary strategy in the digital age. 89% of customers begin their buyer’s journey with an online search. Within seconds of clicking the search button on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or another search engine, a customer will be exposed to hundreds of other websites that are available for them to explore. But what makes one page stand out from another? How can you point a consumer to select your site amidst all of that competition?

Your goal is to leverage the strength of a web search to direct a customer to your business. Keeping the metadata of your website updated will help your page’s search engine optimization (SEO) and that will strengthen your website’s organic search results. However, to promote your business on the actual search result page, you need to participate in search engine marketing (SEM).

When you use SEM as part of your marketing plan, you examine what keywords customers use when searching for the services or products that your business offers. The more popular the keyword the higher the cost-per-click will be. However, investing in those keywords will result in a higher likelihood of a customer clicking on your business’s link. Studies have shown that the top four links on a results page are 86% more likely to be clicked on than any other promoted link.

Recently, HealthBridge Management worked with Wicked Local Media Solutions in building an SEM campaign that would increase their impressions to Google search users and also convert those impressions into customers.

Their executive director, Mike Bell, shared this testimonial statement with us. “Since the inception of the SEM campaign, we have generated 9 admissions of these tours resulted in a confirmed resident.” He also said that search engine marketing has resulted in HealthBridge Management seeing a return on investment of 194% over a 10 month period.

Your SEM budget should focus on the most popular keywords and then connecting your business to those words to build engagement with consumers. Creating a SEM marketing campaign for your business will give you the opportunity to have your business appear as a promoted or recommended link on a search engine results page. Even if your business doesn’t appear at the top of an organic search, customers will always be exposed to your brand before they see the top search result.

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