Testimonial Tuesday: Putting the Conversation in Context

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Nov 17, 2015 @ 11:15 AM

Testimonial Tuesday: Putting the Conversation in Context | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Testimonials are a kind of word-of-mouth advertising. Yes, you are the one publishing the reviews of your business, but these are the words from actual customers. It’s important to keep in mind when you are editing a video or publishing an interview, to keep their words in the correct context.

When you edit your testimonials, you might feel inclined to just cherry pick the compliments and leave out the details of your relationship with the customer. It’s not an uncommon practice, you seen it done with commercials for films and cars all the time. But, think about how much stronger an argument is when you offer supporting evidence. You are trying to build a case for customers to come to your business, give them as many facts as you can.

Back in August, we published a customer testimonial with Mark Stephan of Mark Stephan Painting, who had experienced success with our responsive website design package. You can read the full blog post here, but let’s use that as an example of including context with the testimonial.

Mark’s words reflect a positive experience with our responsive website design service, but if you were to just take the sentences, “Through the website I’ve had a great response from clients.” and “Responsive web designs are the perfect solutions for small business owners.” but without any context, they just sound like sales pitches.

The conversation with Mark illustrates a small business owner who has never had a website before, but now can use it as a tool to legitimize his business. He also states in the interview, that because of his website he has closed deals with clients, because they’ve been able to see his work. It’s his story that makes his recommendations more valuable.

Of course you can’t post an entire interview in your published testimonial. But think of ways you can creatively demonstrate it. For instance, here’s an image that shows a representation of Mark that highlights the pitch and how his site has helped his business.

Testimonial Tuesday: Putting the Conversation in Context | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Testimonial messages for your business can be a strong advertising tool, because of the instant connection customers have with one another. Don’t dilute their message by picking just one line or phrase to represent their endorsement. Get the best results by sharing with potential customers the whole story.

Nick Pizzolato is the Marketing Content Manager at Wicked Local Media Solutions. For questions, topics for future blogs, or to share your favorite moment from the film “Back to the Future,” email him at

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