Testimonial Tuesday: The Case for Print Media

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Nov 03, 2015 @ 11:37 AM


In previous posts, we’ve focused on how advertising in print media has been perceived as being antiquated in today’s digital age. With news and media widely available through websites and social media, people tend to dismiss how popular print media is. However, underestimating the reach of print advertising can be a costly mistake.

Studies have shown that advertising in print is still considered to be more trustworthy than most types of digital advertising. Totum Research found that ads in newspapers also have a higher engagement rate than digital ads, because consumers are expecting to see those ads and want to read them. Admap also has stated that those who read newspapers are the same people who make final decisions when it comes to purchases at their home or business.

The numbers point at a print advertising market that is still thriving, and we have found local voices that share the same sentiment. In 2014, we asked some of our customers to write a testimonial about why they advertise with our print publications. Donna Costa Gembroys, a realtor at Kinlin Grover Real Estate in Orleans, Massachusetts, advertises in The Cape Codder; and her testimonial shared interesting insight about why she chooses to advertise in print.

Q: What has been your experience and how did it meet your expectations?

A: I have success when advertising in print media. It allows potential home buyers to really read additional details about the houses that smaller ads don’t have space to print.

Q: Do you have any suggestions or comments you’d like to share with others?

A: Print media may seem old fashioned, but it lasts more than just a three second online advertisement and multiple people come in contact with newspapers and will see the ad. I have seen success and will continue to advertise in the Cape Codder for years to come.

Advertising is meant to build your brand recognition in the community. To do this, it’s important to place in ads in all types of media, not just one or another. Does digital advertising allow you more versatility? Yes. However, print media still offers a tangible product and a significant audience of people who make purchasing decisions.

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