Testimonial Tuesday: Using Direct Mail for Direct Results

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Jan 26, 2016 @ 12:10 PM

Testimonial Tuesday: Using Direct Mail for Direct Results | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Direct solutions offer creative ways for your company to communicate with potential consumers. It can be a simple postcard with your business’s contact information or a pamphlet that includes coupons to bring customers customers into your business. It’s a promotional material that inspires the recipient to interact with it.

Recently, Wicked Local Media Solutions worked with Zarella Dentistry to help them expand their customer base using a direct mail marketing strategy. In a postcard sized mailing, Zarella Dentistry shared a map to their business, a photo of their staff, a list of the services they provide, and contact information. Because direct mail solutions offer a high rate of consumer engagement, the campaign was successful and Zarella Dentistry was able to grow their business.

Testimonial Tuesday: Using Direct Mail for Direct Results | Wicked Local Media Solutions

How successful? Well, in a testimonial statement they told us, “Zarella Dentistry has had a huge influx of new patients in the past 8 months from our postcard outreach. The postcards have accounted for almost half of our new patients.”

People still look forward to receiving mail. While most correspondance people read is digital, a majority of people continue to open the physical mail they receive. Direct mail advertising offers your business the opportunity to reach every home in a certain community with a message that is designed to be informative and engaging. Let a direct mail solutions help grow your business like it did with Zarrella Dentistry.

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