The Basics to Buying Ads Online

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Apr 05, 2017 @ 02:20 PM

The Basics to Buying Ads Online | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Every year, the digital marketplace grows. Consumers are given new tools to make purchases easier and businesses are presented with new opportunities to reach customers. At the core of all of these advancements however, are websites. Your business can still find ways to reach customers using new web advertising techniques.

One of the first steps to finding out where your business should advertise, is to look for the popular sites that your target customers would visit. While traditional digital ads are available and successful, there are also other digital opportunities for your business to explore that are designed to actively engage with the reader.

Your marketing message becomes stronger each time it connects with customers. Creating an ad campaign that takes on different forms allowing your promotion to gain strength through repetition, without becoming overplayed to your audience. Here are some different advertising opportunities for your business to explore.

  • Site Takeover - Businesses are given the opportunity to share their marketing message across the entire home page of a website. You are able to brand it with your colors and make sure customers see your advertisement as soon as the page loads.
  • Video Ads - Video content is some of the most popular and most interacted with content on the web. Producing a video, or even a photo slideshow, that would be aired before a selected video starts to play, can help create engagement with customers.
  • Promotion Sponsorship - Certain types of content can be sponsored by businesses. Sponsoring photo galleries and contests can introduce your brand to consumers who are looking for that specific material. You can also sponsor live events, and when they are advertised online, your brand will be a part of the announcement.
  • Rich Media - While most ads depend on capturing your attention with just words or images, rich media advertising combines text, images, video and even audio. These ad units are built to engage with the audience and direct them to your website.
  • Sliding Billboard - These ad units slide down from the top of a webpage and appear above the site’s true content. Your advertisement becomes featured on the top of the page and invites users to click on it to learn more.

Advertising your business online will help you build exposure with members of your community. Finding a way to create different styles of ads that contain the same message will help you attract the best customers for your business

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