The Best Years Expo: Celebrating Life in Your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & Beyond

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Sep 22, 2015 @ 11:00 AM

The Best Years Expo: Celebrating Life in Your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and Beyond | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Are you a Baby Boomer? If you are, then you have spent the first half of your life focusing on your family, career and yourself. You’ve raised children, built a solid career, saved a little bit of money and now want to focus on achieving similar success and enjoying life.

On Saturday, November 7th, Wicked Local will host the first annual The Best Years Expo, which will be held from 10am until 5pm at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. This expo will look to educate and entertain the baby boomer generation to all the opportunities available to them now that they have the time and the money to enjoy life.

Seniors are, by far, the fastest growing segment of our society. In just five years, nearly half of all adults in this country will be 50 or older, and they will control about 70% of the country’s disposable income.

For a small business owner, this event offers you the opportunity to showcase your products and services to a captive audience. The expo will be full of potential clients and customers who are interested in what you have to offer and will want to talk to you face to face about your business, product or service. In a previous post (8 Ways to Make Your Business Expo Booth Shine) we talked about being prepared to meet customers face-to-face. We gave you tips to make sure that your booth would become a destination. That advice will help you prepare for engaging with interested consumers at The Best Years Expo.

The expo will feature dozens of vendors who will be looking to help Boomers figure out what’s next for them. For those looking for guidance in building a stronger financial portfolio, members of the financial industry will be available. There will also be representatives from a number of healthcare facilities, who will be available to answer any questions and provide information to consumers.This is a great opportunity for local financial advisors, doctors, or specialists to introduce their practice to new clients.

This event isn’t just serious business, it will also provide information for attendees about how to enjoy these years. Vendors will be able to offer travel opportunities and special deals, or just help find the best vacation and dining spots in the area. Does your business help send people on their dream get-a-way? Are you a local business with just the right products or services for this audience? Maybe your business can offer a certain product that few others have on the market.

The first annual The Best Years Expo will be a fantastic opportunity for Baby Boomers and their families to plan and enjoy their best years. By combining informative discussions with entertaining demonstrations, this one of a kind expo will offer something for everyone. Your business can take part in the fun, and do a little business along the way.

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