The Power of Print Advertising

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Apr 27, 2015 @ 12:16 PM

The Power of Print Advertising | Wicked Local Media Solutions

We spend almost all of our time in front of some sort of screen. Smartphones, tablets, tvs, and computers all fight for our attention during the day. It shouldn’t be a surprise that because of emerging technology, print publications have taken a hit in popularity. However, this doesn’t mean that newspapers, special sections and magazines should be ignored when it comes to ad placement. Print advertising is still a vital part of the customer experience.

People are drawn toward what they believe are trusted sources for information and advertising. Print media continues to be one of those options. Nielsen found that 61% of consumers trust your ad in the local newspaper. That’s more than radio ads, billboards, online banner ads and search engine advertisements. Trust plays a huge role in customer support, engagement and retention. But why are they trusted?

Maybe there is trust because newspapers are expected to have advertisements in them. Readers know that when they open a newspaper they are going to have to navigate between content and ads. In other forms of media they can be ignored or dismissed. But in newsprint advertisements are a part of the experience and are accessible to anyone. This is where shoppers find coupons or promotions about businesses. It’s a constant source of information they can count on.

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As consumers read the content on the page, they see your ad. This is a moment where your content engages them. Now, it’s not the type of engagement that we expect from 21st century media, but in print, this is a real connection being made. A study done by Newspapers Canada found that newspapers have the highest rate of ad engagement. People noticed, read, and were more likely to purchase an item because of an ad.

When you are thinking about why you should advertise in print, it’s also important to understand who the print audience is. Admap found that “influencers” read newspapers. Influencers are men and women who lead groups of people. It could be a head of a family, a work manager, or a media personality. These leaders are reading print media as a part of their information gathering process, that’s where your content should be to greet them.

The truth is the more places you can put the message, the better it is for your business. Just because your ads are being viewed and trusted in print that doesn’t mean you should give up digital advertising. Consumers say that when they see the same ad across multiple mediums, they are more likely to retain the information and recall the brand. Give your message the best possible chance to resonate by placing similar ads in print and online.

You are always looking for the best way to put your business in a position to succeed. Despite the digital renaissance that is taking place right now, your business still needs to be represented in print media. It is a trusted and powerful resource that can provide engagement with CEO’s and family decision makers. It isn’t the answer for all of your advertising, but it is part of the solution.

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