The Power of the Online Quiz

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jul 22, 2015 @ 01:48 PM

The Power of the Online Quiz | Wicked Local Media Solutions

The best way to promote your business on social media is to share great content. You should post photos and messages that don’t just announce company news but invite consumers to engage with your business.

However, thinking of content that will stand out can be a challenge. Your content should be unique and rise above what your competition is positing. If they are sharing pictures and asking for user engagement, your post should make customers feel like they want to engage. The best way to encourage this type of fan interaction is to create an online quiz.

Online quizzes have become some of the most popular viral content on social media. Buzzfeed’s “What City Should You Actually Live In” has been taken by more than 20 million people and liked by over two million people in just a year. The New York Times produced a quiz that was able to predict regional dialect. It was the most viewed New York Times page that year.

Quizzes are popular because they offer insight to the user, even if the insight is “Which Muppet are You?” They are fun and easily digestible. We allow quizzes to quasi-analyze us and place us in imaginary categories to see how well we actually know ourselves. We know there’s no real power in finding out if we’re more like Kermit than Fozzie, but it creates that spark of imagination. Which is why we share it on social media, so our like minded friends can also experience that spark.

Building a strong customer base in the 21st century is about building a bond of trust between business and consumer. Posting a quiz on your various social media feeds demonstrates that your business has a personality and that you want to encourage interaction. Having friends and employees take the quiz could be the first step in spreading the word about your business.

The real goal of creating these quizzes is to have them shared with as many people as possible in order to get your name and brand out there. Having people take, react and share your quiz is what will create a viral sensation.

When you build a quiz, find ways to incorporate your business and brand into the topic. If you own a pizza place, ask customers, “What kind of pizza are you?” If you own a hardware store, ask users, “Which celebrity craftsman are they most like?” If you work in a hair salon or barber shop have customer guess what hairstyle they are. Then during the quiz, use images from your store and brand them with your logo or your web URL. At the end of the quiz, when you’re describing how they are like their answer, include how your business can provide them with that product.

No one can promise you that your social media content is going to be a viral marketing success story. But, the first step in achieving that goal is to build social media content that is easy to interact with and share. Online quizzes are very popular and many local businesses aren’t taking advantage of the reach potential they hold. Be the business in your community that starts the trend.

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