The Two Sides of SEM

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Fri, May 15, 2015 @ 12:51 PM

The Two Sides of SEM | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Search engine marketing (SEM) is more than just crafting the perfect text ad to be seen on a search engine. It also can refer to the steps you can take to bolster your website’s position as a search result when people do web searches. Despite having two different philosophies for search engine marketing, you can use both strategies to work together and build a strong web presence for your business.

As a business, some of your focus should be on creating a text ad that has a strong chance of being seen on page one of search engines. It’s not because organic search isn’t important, it’s because text ads make your business easily accessible to possible customers quickly. You build a strategy that will strengthen where and how people see your ads as they search for items they want to purchase.

The other side of search engine marketing will not cost you a thing, it focuses on strengthening your website organically with search engine optimization (SEO). Organic search refers to your web presence and how easy it is for search engines to find your site and rank it by strength of content.

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There are ways you can make your website be more visible to search engines. You can build a strong network of metadata into your website to gain the attraction of search engines. Research and include the keywords and phrases on your site that will build site recognition. Create internal links throughout your pages to encourage users to explore and read more about your business. Spread your message across social media sites. Create hashtags and use current events to help highlight your message and mission.

All of these options look to help increase your searchability online. Searchability is the ease it takes for a user to find you through a web search. As you can see, there’s a lot of factors that go into it. It’s important for your business to be online and to be available to be searched, but there are thousands of businesses online and you are all trying to get to the top of the same real estate.

This is where the two philosophies of search engine marketing converge. All of the elements that go into creating a searchable and available website also go into factoring your quality score. The better your score, the higher priority your text ad gets. Ideally, you want to create a text ad in a prestigious position at a lower cost.

That’s why the paid advertisement option must be a part of your search engine marketing strategy. Being able to put your business above the top search results is a huge competitive edge. 64% of shoppers who search for an item online will click on a text ad to purchase that item. Your business may not be the top result, but it could be the first business a consumer will see.

Search engine marketing will lead you down two different paths. One will have you focus on building a website full of links and keywords that will attract and impress search engines. The other puts your business in a position to gather attention through advertisement. In the end though, these two different theories converge and use each other to help support your total web presence.

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