Three Facts about Email Marketing

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Mar 20, 2017 @ 01:21 PM

Three Facts about Email Marketing | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Building a marketing campaign encourages business owners to think of new ways to engage with customers. Reaching them requires research to learn who your demographic is and what promotions, products, or services they are most interested in. Having data from research companies who have studied the effectiveness of successful marketing campaigns can help you learn what techniques are the current best practices in a specific industry.

Here are three facts to help you better manage the next email marketing campaign.

1) Mobile Compatibility

In a study done by Litmus, they found that, in one month, 47% of all emails were opened on a mobile device. Designing your email with responsive design is a great first step to make sure your message appears complete to those who read it on a mobile device. Some other steps that may help you increase success include increasing the font size of your text and keeping your call-to-action (CTA) near the top of the email.

2) Emails Sent at Night are Effective

According to Experian Market Services, emails sent between 8 p.m. and midnight are opened 22% of the time and are more likely to convert sales and encourage clickthroughs. Don’t confine your email schedule to normal business hours, especially if the results tend to be better.

3) Email is More Successful than Social Media

SocialTwist conducted a study to see which was more effective in converting new customers, email messages or messages sent via Facebook and Twitter. 50% of the new customers were drawn to the business by an email marketing campaign. Only 25% of the customers were introduced to the company by social media. As fun and innovative as social media campaigns can be, don’t depend on just one type of delivery system for your marketing message.

Using existing research in planning your marketing campaigns may take a little extra time, but it will help you create a message that will be more likely to deliver positive results. Use search engines and look at LinkedIn to see if you can find studies that will help you reach customers.

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