Three Popular Ways to Use Direct Mail

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Mar 29, 2016 @ 12:16 PM

Three Popular Ways to Use Direct Mail | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Consumers want to shop with businesses they feel the most comfortable with. Your local business needs to be able to connect with them and offer a personal connection. A great way to create this bond is by designing a direct mail campaign that is targeted at local shoppers.

Consider that 70% of Americans believe that physical mail is more personal than electronic correspondence. Direct mail offers you an excellent opportunity to introduce, promote, and invite local customers to your business. Here are three popular ways for your business to use direct mail.

1) The Postcard

Postcard mailings are probably the most common types of direct mailing used by businesses to reach new consumers. Postcards are useful because they allow your business’s information to actually be in the hands of the recipient. They don’t have to open an envelope or read a letter explaining who you are or what your business does. Customers are able see your logo, your contact information, and your message clearly, which will make it easier for them to engage with your content.

When people think of postcard promotions, they think of an example like the one below, a business announcing a promotion or sale at their store. Business professionals can also use postcards to introduce themselves and the services they offer. It’s not uncommon to receive a postcard from real estate agents who promote how many sales they have accomplished in the area, and gauge a customer’s interest in selling or buying a house. 

Three Popular Ways to Use Direct Mail | Wicked Local Media Solutions

2) The Bi Or Tri-Fold Pamphlet

While the postcard can be bigger and show your message in a simple and direct way, the pamphlet allows you provide your audience with more information.

Pamphlets are commonly used as menus that restaurants can hand out to customers, place on cars or in the doors of homes, or send through the mail to create as much business exposure as possible. It’s a great opportunity to share a lot of basic information about your business without going into a lot of detail.


3) Coupon Books

Coupon books give people a reason to visit your business, because the they offer immediate deals and value to consumers. These books are produced to help the small businesses in a community gain exposure and encourage local customers to shop with them. Although your business may not be the only one in the book, it shows that your business is a part of the community when shoppers go to find local solutions for their problems.

Despite the popularity of digital communications, people still receive mail. A large percentage of consumers still open their mail when they think they are going to receive a great deal or information about a promotion. Creating a direct mail campaign will help your business connect with consumers.

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