Three SEO Tips That Won't Cost You a Dime

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Oct 25, 2017 @ 01:36 PM

Three SEO Tips That Won't Cost You a Dime | Wicked Local media Solutions

Your placement on a search engine results page determines how much traffic could be driven to your website. Managing this can be an imperfect science that requires constant trial and error to find the right solution. Organic search results depend not only on your keywords, but the keywords other businesses use as well. While search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are always in flux, here are three ways you can strengthen yours for free.

1) Create Content that Matters

The content that you create to support your brand and message are the keys to organic search success. The words you write work in conjunction with the keywords you’ve set up for your site to create a website that attracts search engines.

Use search engines to see if people have questions that have gone unanswered. Then use a spot on your website to answer those questions. Have your business be the resource that no other site can be.

2) Be Aware of Metadata

Metadata helps sell your brand. From the hidden keywords that you use to label each of your pages, to the page descriptions that are visible to consumers on a search engine, all of that information serves a valuable purpose. It creates more opportunity for search engines to find your business and rank it higher in search results.

Every part of your site is being examined by search engines, including the text tags for your photos. Don’t upload photos that are described by numbers, use a description that connects that photo with your business.

3) Stay Local

Post your address on the footer of every page. Having this information will help secure your business will pop up when local consumers are looking for a neighborhood resource.

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