Three Steps to Building a Successful Live Video Campaign

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jul 26, 2017 @ 01:59 PM

Three Steps to Building a Successful Live Video Campaign | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Creating a live video marketing campaign for your business may seem intimidating because of how new the technology is. However, this interactive phenomenon is already proving to be a valuable tool in engaging with consumers, new and old. Here are three steps you can use to build a successful live video campaign.

1) Cultivate an Audience

Live video broadcasts help you share your message with followers of your feed. While these live videos encourage engagement, you still need to make people aware of the live feeds when they happen. You can ask followers to share the news on their page, or select a hashtag campaign that you think will gain traction. Another way to help build an audience is to create a social media post to announce a live video, and pay to promote it to a certain demographic and location.

2) Plan Your Video

Even the most casual looking video has been planned out to some degree. Perhaps it’s making sure that viewers can see your business’s branding in the background. Or it’s a matter of showing customers how the subject of the video can be a resource for them. Don’t just share a moment, create a reason to share it.

3) Actively Engaging with Your Audience

Once you have an audience for your live stream, make sure you take the time to acknowledge those people who are watching. Answer questions that they ask. Create a dialogue between your feed and those viewing. Give them a special coupon code to use for a discount. Encourage them to share the video with their friends, even after it airs.

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