Three Ways to Become an Ecommerce Hero

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Jan 24, 2017 @ 11:47 AM

Three Ways to Become an Ecommerce Hero | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Building a successful business in the 21st century requires you to have a robust digital marketing strategy and a website that offers consumers a great shopping experience. Creating an online environment that makes your customers feel as welcome as they would in your store is the key to having success.

Building a fluid Ecommerce strategy into your store’s infrastructure allows consumers the option to shop at home, at work, or on the go; but more importantly it allows your business to be their go-to resource for a digital or in-person shopping experience.

Here are three ways for you to become an Ecommerce hero.

1) Being Mobile Friendly

Have a website that effectively serves customers who use a desktop computer and a mobile device. Shoppers who can’t access your store’s digital inventory because of the device they use, will shop elsewhere.

2) Digital Payment

As online shopping has grown, so have the options consumers have to pay for their purchases. Some of these options give customers direct access to their cash-on-hand while others use systems that provide a more secure way to access funds. Allowing your digital store to accept payment methods like ApplePay and PayPal provides your customers with the opportunity to shop with you no matter how they prefer to pay.

3) Creating Digital Customer Service

Even though you can’t directly correspond with online shoppers, creating a personalized shopping portal for customers can still create this atmosphere. The ability for customers to build their own secure profile allows you the ability to offer them products and services based on prior purchases and can also include deals on shipping items to customers.

Bring Ecommerce to Your Business

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