Three Ways to Blog About Your Business

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Aug 19, 2015 @ 01:52 PM

Three Ways to Blog About Your Business | Wicked Local Media Solutions

In the digital age of marketing, there are some key elements your business should have. Your business probably has a website. The site has your contact information and a description of your business. Maybe you have an online store too, so you can sell products and services online. Hopefully, you have a Facebook page to connect with your users and share coupons and special offers. But does your business have a blog?

Blogs aren’t just used by teenagers who use the opportunity to rant about school and their parents. Blogs are used by virtually every major business as a way to share news, make announcements and communicate with their fanbase. It was on a blog that Google announced the end of Google +. Coca-Cola uses their blog to share stories about their employees. Marvel Entertainment uses their blog as a way to answer questions and entertain their audience.

The content you write for your blog shouldn’t just be sales pitches or all  about why your business is the best. The content should be informational and inviting. It should be the type of content that you would want to read in your free time. You can also use this same content on your social media accounts. Post an excerpt from your blog to your Facebook wall and include the link. That’s one less post you have to create for social media.

Writing a business blog also helps your business’s search engine optimization (SEO). Every time you create a post that includes your business’s name and other important metadata, search engines will take note. The more you post, the more opportunity you are giving search engines to find you and take note of your website. The goal is for your business to be a top result on search engines when customers are looking for answers.

You might be concerned about starting a blog, because you don’t consider yourself a writer. You may not know how to write or what to write about. Writing a blog post isn’t always about creating a five hundred word essay. It’s about creating content that resonates.

Here are three ways for you to blog about your business.

1) Tell Your Story

Share your story with the audience. What got you into this industry? What inspired you to open a business. If you are continuing a family tradition, who started the business? Why do you love it. Include photos of the business and you as a younger person exploring this journey. Share pictures of the first day the store was open.

After you share the history of your business, take the time to tell people about your business. Do you have a favorite product? Do you have a favorite song to play when you open the store? Offer an email address for customers to send you questions so that you can answer their questions on the blog.

2) Share Photos and Videos

Blogs aren’t all just about the written word. Many blogs acts as a place for authors to share pictures and videos. Create a blog that is visually based and only write the text that is necessary. Create a photo or video of the day and share photos from around the store that catch your eye. Invite employees to take part and share their photos as well.

3) Have Multiple Bloggers

Invite your employees to take part in the blog. Set up guidelines for them to follow and then ask them if they would like to write anything. Do they have a favorite service or product, and what makes it so great. Blogs like this are great because they not only introduce products and services, but also act as a testimonial for the items. It makes everything about your business, from the products to the staff, relatable.

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