Three Ways to Create Value in Email Marketing

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Apr 05, 2016 @ 12:46 PM

Three Ways to Value in Email Marketing | Wicked Local Media Solutions

The key to a great email marketing campaign is to create value for your customers. What makes your service, promotion, or product desireable? How can new and returning consumers use it to make their lives easier? These are the questions to ask yourself when developing a communication strategy. But, value isn’t necessarily sharing a link to a great coupon. Value to a consumer is created through creative and directed storytelling. You must provide them with a reason to visit your business. Your business’s value is not built on the products you offer, but how they are presented to customers.

Here are three ways to create value in your email marketing.

1) A Personalized Letter

Writing a letter to customers is the most direct way to get their attention. Sharing your story and experience with them helps create a bond with the reader. Showcasing your personality and drive is a great way to demonstrate to consumers who you are as a person and what your company represents. Businesses have built and retained customers for centuries by building  these type of close relationships.

The way to build this relationship through an email marketing campaign, is to acknowledge who the reader is. Personalizing an email, by using that person’s name in the subject line and in the body of the email, creates an immediate connection to an individual consumer. People feel detached from form letters or generalized notices, so the fact that your business seems to reach out to them directly can be appreciated. Customers want to feel as if you are speaking to them. Studies have shown that personalized emails get more unique cliques and sales conversions.

2) Video Message

I’ve written a lot about how videos can help your business thrive when used as a part of their social and web advertising. It is also great content to include in the body of your email. Studies have shown a video included inside of an email may encourage click-through rates to reach 65%. Just using the word “video” in the subject line can lead to a 20% jump in email open rates.

3) Using Images Properly

Pictures and images are necessary for all forms of advertising. They help convey messages and display the products and services that are being offered. In email messages, the strategic use of images can help direct the eyes of your audience to specific deals and calls-to-action (CTA).

But, if you use too many images or make the images too big, you may confuse the reader or discourage them with long page-load times. These are some steps to keep in mind when creating images for your email marketing campaigns.

  • Size the images properly to be viewed on the screens of all users. Instead of uploading an image that is too large and resizing it in the body of the email, create the image at the size it’s going to be viewed at in the email.
  • Make sure the picture of the item, service, or promotion is hyperlinked to bring the customer to the specific landing page where they can purchase or view more information. Make the image the CTA.
  • Create header and footer images that direct the reader’s eyes to the body of the email.

E-mail marketing is a fantastic tool that can connect your business with new and existing customers. You may be promoting the best products or services in the area at the best price, but if you can’t accurately share that value to customers, they won’t be aware of it’s availability. When you build a message that is personal and visually stimulating, you will be more likely to capture the attention of your audience.


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