Throwback Thursday: Main Street in Waltham, Ma

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Thu, Jan 21, 2016 @ 02:25 PM

Back when there were only a few roads in a town, Main Street would historically be the one that would become the home to local businesses and markets. In 1738, Waltham split from Watertown and over the next two hundred years would become a leader in local manufacturing and innovation. This is what Main Street in Waltham looked like in 1906.

Throwback Thursday: Main Street in Waltham, Ma | Wicked Local Media Solutions

One of the reasons I love writing Throwback Thursday posts is it gives me the opportunity to learn a little bit about a local city or town. For instance, I found out that Waltham was home to the Waltham Manufacturing Company, which made the first production motorcycle in the late 1800s. Today, companies like Raytheon and colleges like Bentley University call Waltham home.

I also enjoy seeing if I can compare the historic photo to a modern day image of the same location. Sometimes, it’s a tall order because landmarks and buildings change, but this time, it was a piece of cake. The park on the left and church in the background are still a part of the Waltham community. Besides the lack of horse drawn carriages, one of the biggest differences between then and now, is that Main Street is also  known as Route 20.

Did you grow up in Waltham? We would love to hear your stories about how Main Street/Route 20 has changed over the years. Please send them to Wicked Local Media Solutions or tweet us @WLMediaSolution.

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