Throwback Thursday: Old School Automobiles

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Thu, Nov 17, 2016 @ 12:30 PM

If you were to go out tomorrow and buy an automobile, you might be surprised with all the special features that are included. Most cars, vans, and trucks have a camera to help guide you as you back up. Once, air-conditioning was a special feature, but now it’s considered a standard option on most cars. Cars even come with a USB port as part of the console so you can charge your tablets and phones. People have always loved celebrating their cars.

Throwback Thursday: Old School Automobiles | Wicked Local Media Solutions

This picture, taken in Framingham in the early 1900s shows that although the cars have changed, our love for them has not. Here you can see a crowd gathered around what appears to be a demonstration or a parade.

We would love to know about about this event. Do you have any clues of what the event was? Do you have any pictures or stories about your classic cars? We would love to hear about them. Share them with us at Wicked Local Media Solutions or tweet us @WLMediaSolution.

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