Throwback Thursday: The Steam Fire Engine

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Thu, Aug 11, 2016 @ 12:32 PM

Fire fighters risk their life every time they go out on a call. Every day, they put their own safety on the line to save lives and property from fire. As they work, they use the simplest of tools like axes along with the advanced technology that exists in a modern fire truck. Fire trucks have become mobile command stations that can regulate water pressure, store equipment, hold medical supplies, and offer access to the upper floors of buildings. But, it wasn’t always that way. Fire trucks used to have one job, and that was to deliver water to the scene of a blaze. One of the first fire trucks was the Amoskeag steam fire engine.

Throwback Thursday: The Steam Fire Engine | Wicked Local Media Solutions

The steam engines were built in Manchester, New Hampshire by Amoskeag Locomotive Works in the mid-1800s. This picture was taken in Wakefield around 1930 and shows fire fighters using the steam engine to take water from the fire hydrant and deliver a constant pressure to those fighting a fire. These engines could be found in cities across the United States and didn’t require horses to pull them, the steam powered engine made them agile and fast when traveling on city streets.

Has anyone in your family been a firefighter? Do they have stories of using the Amoskeag engine, or worked on other older trucks? We would love to hear their story and see their pictures. Share them with us at Wicked Local Media Solutions or tweet us @WLMediaSolution.

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