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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Fri, Jul 10, 2015 @ 12:25 PM

Tools to Measure Social Media Success | Wicked Local Media Solutions

People are spending 28% of their online time using social media sites. With internet users spending more time on social media, businesses with multiple social media accounts are increasing the likelihood of being seen by potential customers. But, not all consumers are on the same social media sites or engage with content the same way. By experimenting with different content on different channels, a business can measure success and see what type of message resonates the best with certain customers.

But who creates the content for the different feeds? Who posts the content to all the sites? Most importantly, who measures how successful these campaigns are?

We recently shared some tools that businesses can use to manage their social media content. These sites make it easy to create, comment and share social conversations. There are also tools that businesses can use to help measure the success of their social campaigns.

These tools can help your business monitor how successful your posts, hashtags and links are. By measuring the social popularity of what content is posted on certain sites, you can get an idea of who your customer is and how they use social media.


BuzzSumo is a company that offers a desktop monitoring tool to measure the impact of your social media posts reach and overall influence. They are able to connect with your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages and offer a visual display of the popularity of each post. It also gives you an option to analyze what your competitors are doing and send you alerts when your business has been mentioned online.

This is a great tool for your business because it puts all of your social posts in front of you. You don’t have to open multiple screens to compare and measure analytics. BuzzSumo will take all of that information and transform it into pie charts or export it into an excel document.

My favorite part of their tool, is that it lets you look at who is linking to you. These backlinks are a component of how search engines determine your organic search strength. By seeing what posts are being shared, you can focus on creating more posts like it and help build a stronger web presence.

Social Mention

Social Mention may not have all the bells and whistles that BuzzSumo offers, but it can give a social media manager valuable information about how their brand, products, and services are being discussed online.

Social Mention is a comprehensive social media search engine. When you type in a word, phrase, or topic and you can see how those terms are being received online.

If you own a cafe and were thinking of a social media promotion centered around a bagel sandwich, you could type in “bagel sandwich” and see the popularity of the term. You can see if it’s being used positively or negatively online. You can look for popular bagel posts other companies have made. You can even see the popular hashtags that are using the term “bagel sandwich.” You can use this information to help you build  a campaign that will resonate with your community.


Keyhole is one of my favorite reference tools to use when looking up the success of a particular social campaign. Like Social Mention, it’s a social media search engine. However, unlike Social Mention, you can search for specific urls, hashtags and keywords and see how they are being used, where they are being used, and who is using them. This is a great tool to use if you don’t have the budget for BuzzSumo, but want to check global day-to-day progress of a campaign.

All of these tools offer social media managers different ways to measure the impact of all of their social campaigns. Using these, or any social media monitoring sites will help you build a strong social media strategy for your business. While you are analyzing the social data remember to look at your sales too. Build ways to connect the coupons and promotions you offer into the social media marketing campaigns. Comparing your social analytics and real world sales you’ll be able to see which social media feeds your customers are paying attention to.

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